Who we are
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Who we are

The Infante bus lines were born as an individual company for the transport of mail and passengers, back in 1927, thanks to its founder Infante Angelo Raffaele, precisely.

Born in a small village in the Cilento hinterland, Lustra Cilento, Mr. Angelo Raffaele moves to the municipality of Camerota and here establishes the new company headquarters, establishing the first races to and from the railway station of Centola and the towns of Lentiscosa and Marina di Camerota.

Over the years, and with the advent of new and more modern means, together with the road network that was finally expanding, the Infante bus lines expand the area of ??competence to connect the towns of Sapri and Vallo della Lucania and serve daily the new railway station of Pisciotta - Palinuro, also thanks to the opening of the coastal road that connects the town of Centola to the town of Camerota.

Today, thanks to the work of his son, Domenico Infante, and his grandchildren, the Infante bus lines are transformed into the Infante Angelo Raffaele & C. S.a.s. company, which bears the name of its founder, expanding the skills and services offered.

In the 90s, the "Infante Travel and Tourism" agency was born, which became a point of reference for the entire community of Camerota and the towns belonging to the municipal area as a tour operator and ticketing services. In addition to offering transport service for high school students to the institutes of Vallo di Lucania and Sapri, the company boasts a fleet of GT buses and NCC vehicles for national and international rental and tour services, in full compliance with European and Italian directives.

With the work of its employees, the Infante Angelo Raffaele company continues the work of expanding and improving its services, being appreciated and considered by the largest Campania and international tour operators.