Transport conditions
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Terms and conditions of carriage and purchase of the ticket.


  1. The ticket must be intact, if on paper, and clearly visible if in digital version and must be shown at every request of the on-board staff

  2. In the case of a return ticket, the return date must be indicated on the ticket.

  3. Before boarding, the ticket must be issued exclusively: on this site, on partner sites that link to this site, in affiliated agencies or ticket offices (for information +39 0974 1984230) up to one hour before departure from the terminus, is valid both with the order confirmation number on the ticket delivered directly by the ticket office operator and received by electronic confirmation.

  4. The full name of the customer must be shown on the ticket.

  5. No reimbursement of the purchased ticket is paid, whatever the reason, even in the event of renunciation, delay, strike or total or partial suspension of the service and in the case of lost, stolen or damaged tickets.

  6. The arrival and departure times are indicative and subject to traffic conditions and weather conditions, this must be considered in particular for connections with other means of transport.
    At the time of the check, anyone without a ticket will be obliged to purchase the ticket again, in addition to the payment of a penalty equal to double it.

  7. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to travel unless accompanied, while for those aged 15 to 18, a written declaration from their parents or guardian is required. The offers and promotions are all subject to limitations, in particular that relating to children up to 9 years is limited to a maximum of 5 for each ride accompanied by an adult.

  8. Animals are not allowed on board the vehicles.

  9. In the cost of the ticket, there is no charge for the transport of baggage. Transportation is done as a courtesy only.

  10. However, only one hold baggage per passenger accommodated in the special baggage compartments is permitted.

  11. The luggage compartment is unattended, therefore its contents and any damage caused to it by third parties and by this to third parties are solely under the responsibility of the passenger himself. The carrier does not undertake any obligation to keep and supervise the baggage, much less the objects contained therein.

  12. It is strictly forbidden to transport valuables unless you have a specific insurance policy.

  13. Suitcases must clearly and legibly show the name and surname of the owner passenger. However, in case of loss and subsequent recovery, it will be the responsibility of the same to collect the baggage from the carrier's offices.

  14. The passenger is obliged to show up at the appropriate departure stops in good time and in any case before the arrival of the bus, in order to avoid delays in the departure of the bus.



N.B. For services relating to TPL, the specific regulatory conditions relating to local public transport apply, while for CILENTO-ROMA EXPRESS they can be consulted on the service website.

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